Benefits for Educators

Having taught the subject matter in the best possible way. TestCraft builds upon your content for unlimited Practice, Assessments, Analysis and the Doubt Solving. TestCraft® converts your classroom teaching into complete solution. Give your students the TestCraft edge!

Formative and Summative Assessments

Option to generate unlimited Tests.
Formative Assessments to Mock Final.

Quality Content

Get access to reputed publishers’ content in digital format.

Adaptive Testing

AI* based adaptive test generator for skill level based assessments.

Own Question Bank

Academic success requires Practice, frequent Assessment, Evaluation, Skill Gap Analysis and Doubt Solving. digitally.

Physical Test-Digital Evaluation

Print question papers.
Take pen-paper test.
Enjoy the flexibility of online evaluation.

Analysis & Knowledge Gap Report

Get detailed analysis of student’s skill level.
Create personalized learning paths for students.