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Here are 6 things that you should think of when you think of TestCraft.


Academic Excellence: Complete Learning Eco-system

Learn (Classroom) > Practice > Assess > Identify > Improve


Let the school/teachers do more for you

Stay connected with educators 24×7


Clear Your Doubts

Get Free guidance from Subject Experts


Be your own Guide

Find out what you DO NOT KNOW and fill up the gaps the easiest way


Powerful Study Board: VARK enabled study

Learn each topic (of the syllabus) using all 4 methods of Leaning


Continuous Learning Methodology

Go from Concept to Question & Question to Concepts


  • More than 15,000 videos, consisting of classroom lectures, concept analysis, and suggested videos, including those from Khan Academy, and Karzgesagt. These are chosen and meticulously curated by our in-house knowledge experts.
  • Driving the maximum student growth with 14,000+ references, definitions, experiments, and practicals, which are supplemented by access to the third-party links and web content for further reading.
  • Comprehensive, in depth student-teacher topic-based interactions, for extensive clarity and doubt-solving in the Group Discussion Forums. The collaborative forums include features such as live notifications, attachments, sharing, tagging, and linking of sources.


  • The entire syllabus is encompassed in a comprehensive manner, with more than 1,50,000 questions. Minimum of 2,500 questions per class, per subject, including objective and descriptive type of questions.
  • Strengthen the preparedness for the board examinations, with the user-friendly templates created by the experienced NCERT teachers.
  • Providing Learning Fluidity with effective Mind-Mapping for every chapter, along with references and exam units for revision.
  • Mark and save important questions for reference purposes, and navigate through them anytime, anywhere.


  • Each question is inclusive of pre-determined answers, hints, and explanations. Hints can be utilized as per student needs, and test creator’s discretion.
  • Offline Testing Facilities for Written Tests, when the Computer Technology is out of reach. The tests are printed in the standard CBSE format, and are scanned into the TestCraft portal for automated marking.
  • Create and assign homework easily through the portal, and add submission dates and automatic marking.
  • Dynamic evaluation enables users to understand their own present level and can work on a more clearer approach towards improving self.


  • Automated marking of the tests takes place through the TestCraft portal itself. The written tests can be scanned, analysed, and evaluated through the state-of-art technological infrastructure, which comprises of Machine Learning, AI (Artificial Information), and Barcode Technology.
  • Teachers also apply their marking alterations, and approve of the marking, before the declaration of the results.
  • Identify the areas of improvement and guide the student to the highest possible potential with the comprehensive and detailed understanding of the evaluation, future grading forecasts, detailed comparison of performance, and overall course progress.


  • Immediate identification of the areas of improvement, accompanied with relevant content from the system.
  • Easy access to further reading on the web, supplemented by video tutorials, and encyclopedias, to ensure a holistic learning with just one click!
  • Liberty to the students, for creating their own customized assessments and practice sheets, and test their understanding of the concept, anywhere and anytime.
  • Clear Indication of the weaknesses and strengths of the student’s performance, via Report and Analysis module, which elucidates the areas of improvement.

The numbers speak for themselves. With a wide range of videos, lectures, references to a huge question bank which allows a comprehensive and enriching learning experience.


Videos, consisting of classroom lectures, concept analysis, and suggested videos


References, definitions, experiments, and practicals


Questions covering entire sylabus in comprehensive manner


Studynotes+Subject notes