For Institutes

TestCraft is a Learning Management and Assessment Solution (LMAS). TestCraft provides platform for ‘blended’ learning or a system of hybrid pedagogy which seamlessly integrates digital content and learning systems with current school environment. TestCraft introduces following key parameters which are fundamental to improving current system of pedagogy in the schools.


Academic Excellence: Complete Learning Eco-system

Learn (Classroom) > Practice > Assess > Identify > Improve


With TestCraft school/teachers can do more for Learners

Students can stay 24×7 connected with the educators


Emphasis on Formative Assessments

Create customized tests, with your choice of sections, question type, and grading options or use existing test templates.


Continuous Learning Methodology

TestCraft completes the learning loop for the students. From Concept to Questions and Question to Concepts. Classroom learning is Concept to Question (formal) and TestCraft takes you back from Question to Concepts (practical learning).


Powerful Study Board: VARK enabled study

Learn each topic (of the syllabus) using all 4 methods of Leaning – Visual, Auditory, Read & Write, Kinesthetic (using experiment).


The Benefits of Adaptive Learning Technology

Imagine that you could give every learner their own personalized course, made specifically for their strengths, weaknesses, goals, and engagement patterns. Imagine a course that adapted in real-time to their activity and adjusted moment by moment to their performance and interest level. That’s adaptive learning.

Benefits for Institutes

From curriculum to competition and from pedagogy to performance, an education institute needs to stay strong on every front. Ensuring quality education and excellent performance from students, are an institute’s responsibilities. TestCraft is the most ideal solution for the institute. TestCraft helps the educator to achieve efficiency and measures the performance of the student and provide remedial measures, for further improvement. It is a vital component for building content based smart class solution by the institute, which can help the institute gain edge over the competition.

Benefits for Teachers

Equipped with an exhaustive and enriched solved question bank, TestCraft provides tools for the educator to thoroughly vet the performance of the students by providing homework, Problem solving exercises, as well as conducting tests and examination instantly. The educator can share study notes and extra material, with the students to facilitate the learning process.
The keyword feature is a timesaving tool for the educator, which helps him/her assess student’s descriptive answers easily with predictions; which states the accuracy of the answer, efficiently. By using the multidimensional performance analysis tool, educator can properly guide the student, to work on his weaknesses.

Benefits for Students

Learning, Practicing, Testing and Remedial Action, based on weaknesses is the way to achieve academic excellence. To help and assist in this process, TestCraft provides all these elements under the guidance of the educator. We offer you an exhaustive and enriched solved Question Bank, with Explanation & Hint to ensure proper understanding of all concepts covered under the questions. Syllabus based encyclopedia, inform of key bank provides quick exam relevant knowledge. To gain clarity and fulfill curiosity, one can use the forum to initiate a discussion with fellow students and subject expert.

Students : A high percentage of Indian secondary school students spend 8 hours/day at school & additional 2+ hours at institute classes. This leaves very little time for continuous Evaluation and Remedial action. This usually, doesn’t lead to the desired result.

Benefits for Parents

In this competitive age, all the parents want their child to get an edge over the others. Right from school to the co-curricular activities, they want to choose nothing but the best. TestCraft gives them the assurance of the best result, for their ward with its rich data and simple process; which can offer deep insight, into the performance of the student. The Reports and Analysis module of TestCraft, provides multidimensional performance analysis, with minimum human intervention, giving a never before opportunity to the educators, as well as the parents to really focus on the student performance identify their requirement to improve.



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Measure your performance with our state of art assessment tool and identify areas of improvement

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Continuously monitor the growth and progress of each student with easily accessible and constantly updated reports and insights.

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Create customized tests, with your choice of sections, question type, and grading options or use existing test templates.

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Save time, paper, and human resources with digital management of your data using the comprehensive TestCraft dashboard.

The numbers speak for themselves. With a wide range of videos, lectures, reference bank and a huge question bank that provide a comprehensive and enriching learning experience.


Videos, consisting of classroom lectures, concept analysis, and suggested videos


References, definitions, experiments, and practicals


Questions covering entire sylabus in comprehensive manner


Studynotes+Subject notes